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You can create programs of unlimited length or complexity if you like, but we kept these example programs simple enough that any of them could be created from scratch in just a few minutes using just a few LISP Generator tools. Take a look. You will find that they are well organized, fully commented in English, completely bug-free, universally compatible, flawlessly coded AutoLISP routines with error-handling subroutines and internalized variables.

  • CL.LSP (Tour Example 1) - Changes the layer of a group of objects to match that of a selected object.
    Download: cl.lsp

  • FILE2BLOCKS.LSP (Tour Example 2) - Reads values for x, y, and z, and 2 attributes from a tab-delim Excel output file (test.dat) and inserts a block (test.dwg) for each row of data.
    Download: file2blocks.lsp | test.dwg | test.dat

  • GEAR.LSP - Parametrically draws a gear based on user inputs for the center point, radius, number of teeth, and length of teeth.
    Download: gear.lsp | tooth.dwg

  • INCH-CM.LSP - User selects text displaying a measurement in inches - program automatically calculates the conversion and tags the converted value to the end of the text. In other words, "1 inch" becomes "1 inch {2.54 cm}"
    Download: inch-cm.lsp

  • ROT-MANY.LSP - Given a selected group of objects and a rotation angle, each object is individually rotated around its own insertion point.
    Download: rot-many.lsp

  • SPINNER.LSP - An utterly pointless but entertaining routine that causes all selected objects to dance once around their own insertion pionts.
    Download: spinner.lsp

  • TXT2FILE.LSP - Exports all of the text in the drawing to an external file with each piece of text paired with it's entity's handle. The text can then be checked, edited, translated, and so on, and then re-imported with FILE2TXT.LSP.
    Download: txt2file.lsp

  • FILE2TXT.LSP - Re-imports the text that was exported with TXT2FILE.LSP.
    Download: file2txt.lsp