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  • LG3 literally writes 100% of your LISP programs for you
  • Works with every AutoCAD version since Release 12
  • Not a mere macro recorder or editing environment, but a full-blown software engineering system (English in -> AutoLISP out)
  • Comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Over 18 years on the market
  • Less than 1% return rate
  • Completely menu-driven (may also be run from the keyboard)
  • Runs inside AutoCAD
  • Your program executes before your eyes as you create it, so it's easy to follow along
  • Helpful, before-the-fact error warnings
  • Ground breaking Flexpressions™ module directly translates expressions and equations from English, Algebra, C, and Basic into LISP
  • HotWords(tm) (transparent commands) enable you to display info and formulate complex responses to questions on the fly
  • Programs are filled with detailed English comments that explain every part of the LISP code
  • Thousands of customers spanning the globe
  • No more debugging!  No more parenthesis!  Just error-free, custom-tailored LISP programs that save you tons of time, effort, and money