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How it works

In brief, the LISP Generator runs inside AutoCAD and provides a menu interface. Through this simple, well organized menu in English, you have access to nearly the entire AutoLISP language. You use the tools in the main menu to tell the LISP Generator what you want your program to do. They work like building blocks - one tool for extracting any data from any object in the drawing, another tool for reading and writing to and from external data files, and so on. Each time you select one of these tools, the LISP Generator takes over and guides you through the details of your request using helpful prompts and sub-menus. The tools you choose and the order in which you use them determines the design of your program, but the Generator actually writes all of the LISP code. When you're done you can save your program to a file and run it on any AutoCAD machine.

For more on this, take the LISP Generator tour.

One of the LISP Generator's most revolutionary features is its Flexpressions™ (flexible expressions) translator. It enables you to include math, conditional, and query expressions in your program by writing them in English, Algebra, C, Basic, LISP, or any combination of these languages.

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