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Ambigrams in Commerce

At SpinWords we specialize in deveolping high quality, first-order ambigrams with an exceptionally clean, contemporary style that makes them particularly well-suited for use in commerce. This uniquely natural look is the result of many years of experienence and our own proprietary methods for rendering the finished designs. We strive to design ambigrams that are easy to read, professional in appearence, and compatible with our clients' branding as you can see from our designs for the former Obama and McCain campaigns. When these designs are at their best they look natural, even ordinary; but make no mistake, first-order ambigrams are intriguingly rare and designing ambigrams that are easy on the eyes is anything but easy.

Though rare, ambigrams are one the hottest things going right now. Tailor-made ambigrams of your company's name, slogan, or products have huge potential for person-to-person 'buzz' and free media exposure but, perhaps most importantly, they will build powerful name exposure and recognition because they have the ability to grab people's attention and then fascinate them literally with the name itself. Of course, there's also the obvious practical benefit that, when they are used in packaging, point-of-sale, or other promotional material, the branding is readable from any position.

So, if you are excited about the idea of custom designed ambigrams for your company, submit a few words or short phrases to us and we will evaluate their potential for free. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sample Designs

Like our designs for the former Obama & McCain campaigns, most of our commercial ambigrams are integrated with our clients' trade names, trademarks, logos, etc. This makes showing them off a bit tricky. So to give you an idea of what we do, here are a few designs that for various reasons we can show you.

All of these ambigrams (except for Obama and McCain) are also available to be sold or licensed and can be redesigned and rendered with countless variations in color, style, and setting.

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Politcal designs

Company logos

Product logos (generic examples)

Places / Tourism

Labels (generic examples)