SpinWords (spin*werdz) n, pl. -
Amazing textual designs that
can be read up-side down

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An Ambigram for Your Company

If you're interested in having us develop a design for your company, please feel free to contact us. No money or contract is needed up front. All we need in order to get started is to know what word, words, or short phrases you are interested in having us develop. We will evaluate them personally and if it looks like we will be able do quality designs for you, we can take it from there. The cost is figured on a case by case basis, will given to you up front, and usually includes the transfer to you of all rights in perpetuity to the design or designs upon completion.

If you would prefer to license the use of a design rather than buying the rights to it, we can arrange that. If the ambigram is one that could be easily adapted for other purposes, this may be the best way to go.