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Design Services

In cases where there is no existing branding or a new look is desired, we can provide traditional graphic design services in addition to the ambigram design as demonstrated with the following examples.

Cincinnati Ohio
In this design, the intricate yet pleasant looking ambigram is loosly framed by two gentle serpentine lines which give the design an open feeling, visual motion, and allow for a high degree of symetry without seeming baroque. The lower blue line represents the Ohio River to the city's south and beyond it is the green of Kentucky. The city's sunlit skyline as seen from across the river is set in white against the undulating green of Cincinnati's seven hills and above that, blue sky. The letters in the middle of the ambigram seem to mimic the flow of the river and the earth-like circular backdrop plays off of the roundness of the 'c's of Cincinnati and the 'o's of Ohio. It has also been said that the i's in the ambigram are suggestive of river boat tall stacks, though this was unintentional. The circular backgound has a slight radial fade that creates spherical depth while giving the sky the effect of atmospheric distance and the city a subtle radiance. Lastly, the entire design can be printed with only 2 colors - colors that are fresh, inviting, and suggestive of nature.

Appropriately for London, this design relies more heavily on style. In contrast to the Cincinnati Ohio design, the ambigram itself is fairly simple. This meant that more workable typeface options were available, and that the choice was all the more important to the overall design. Our stylish art deco typeface, like London itself, is elegant yet hip. The background is a stylized and Union Jack that has been squared to give it full rotaional symmetry. Edge darkening techniques give the design a richness and depth of color while subtle bleeds give it the effect of actual pigment. A type of non-directional shadowing is also employed to give it a sence of realness. As with Cincinnati Ohio, this design can be printed with only 2 colors - colors that, again like London itself, are solid and traditional yet bold and vibrant.